Artificial Intelligence Solutions

To approach challenges beyond health and life science.

Specialized in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases.


Development of clinical-oriented solutions

with accurate mathematical results and robust Artificial Intelligence approaches

Our efforts are focused on the development of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) to help in the decision-making-process of clinicians, providing valuable information and insights as supporting tool.


Analysis and data-based model generation

from data collected based on Omic technologies

Automatic processing tasks performed from the raw data in the laboratory up to the analsysis by machine learning models and generation and visualization of outcomes and insights to the clinicians.


Optimization of healthcare services

through advanced operations research and mathematical modelling techniques

Application of Evolutionary Computation techniques and Advanced Mathematical Programming methods to optimize procedures and processes in the healthcare system.


Development and validation of algorithms

for diagnosis and treatment of diseases from analytical data and expert clinical and biological knowledge

We apply a 3-stage validation procedure for our products, based on a deep mathematical validation review, an internal clinician specialist validation considering benchmarking cases and a final validation process by clinical trials

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Our goal

Our goal is to design and develop innovative, novel and pragmatic products applying Artificial Intelligence techniques, with a special focus on the healthcare sector.

Pragmatech is a startup focused on providing solutions based on artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning to health problems from a personalized medicine perspective.
Our goal is to become an international benchmark in the development of these solutions applied to the field of microbiology and infectious diseases, contributing to improve their diagnosis and prognosis, as well as the quality of life of patients.We focus on the development of software-type products combining expert clinical knowledge with artificial intelligence techniques, which include machine learning and natural language processing.

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What we offer

Pragmatech AI Solutions focuses its products and services mainly in the next lines

Data Engineering

Development of data pre and post processing pipelines from raw data to suitable datasets for artificial intelligence applications.


Custom natural language processing technologies adapted to specific domains in the healthcare sector.


Development of machine learning models applied to prediction and classification systems for disease diagnosis and treatment.

Data & Analytics

Data analytics processess to discover insights and useful information for the healthcare system.


Optimization techniques for combinatorial or continuous optimization problems in healthcare sector.


Complete Machine Learning Operations cycle, from model creation to deployment and maintenance operations to ensure proper models quality.

Why Choose Us

With great power comes great productivity.

Smart Solutions

Designed and created based on our experience to cover the actual needs of the healthcare environment.

Compliance with quality standards

We have developed a quality system based on compliance with the standards ISO13485 and ISO14791

Fight Antbiotics Resistance Problem

Pragmatech designs products based on artificial intelligence to fight antibiotic resistance from a One Health perspective.


Frequently Ask Questions

Pragmatech is a company focused mainly on the development of innovative own products with high added value and their customization for each client. However, we are also open to innovative collaborations with third parties, related to the application of artificial intelligence techniques in the health sector.
Pragmatech was established in 2021, after the COVID-19 pandemic, by a computer engineer expert in artificial intelligence and a pharmacist expert in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases.
No, Pragmatech develops products based on artificial intelligence within any branch of the health and biotechnology sector. While it is true that we are highly specialized in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases.
Antibiotic resistance is one of the main threats to public health globally, leading to high mortality from infections and causing enormous economic losses to health systems.
Pragmatech is located in Oviedo, a beautiful city in northern Spain.
Pragmatech's technical team is composed of highly qualified personnel: engineers, linguistic experts, healthcare professionals; many of them with the title of doctor and extensive international research experience.
Pragmatech employs the most advanced and novel artificial intelligence techniques existing in the scientific community, from supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, as well as natural language transformers for linguistic processing. Within the application of the techniques, it is worth mentioning the hybridization of these, through the integration of clinical expert knowledge, for the improvement of results.
The high complexity of terminology and jargon within the health sector, makes extended language models (LLMs) such as chatGPT or LLaMa, have difficulties when processing textual information, leading to an incorrect interpretation of the information. Pragmatech works with both extended language models and domain knowledge models in the health sector to carry out correct information processing and extract useful knowledge for clinicians and pharmaceutical companies. All this technology is integrated into our product called iLynx®